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In the past few years the cost of Nitrogen Soil Amendments (what many refer to as “fertilizer”) have increased in price to what many farmers label “unaffordable”. Country’s worldwide have lost valuable topsoil and arable land due to drought and flooding. Food and water demand have soared and thus pricing has skyrocketed. Algae products seem to be a long awaited answer to potential food shortages.

Nitrogen Soil Amendment pricing is based not only on rising demand, but on the price of chemicals. Currently most soil amendments, herbicides and pesticides are made mostly from petroleum. As the price of oil went up and the dollar slides in value the cost of Nitrogen Soil Amendments has reached historic highs.

N. Nitrogen. Atomic number seven. Unnoticed, untasted, it nevertheless fills our stomachs. It is the engine of agriculture, the key to plenty in our crowded, hungry world. Without this independent-minded element, disinclined to associate with other gases, the machinery of photosynthesis cannot function—no protein can form, and no plant can grow. Corn, wheat, and rice, the fast-growing crops on which humanity depends for survival, are among the most nitrogen hungry of all plants. They demand more, in fact, than nature alone can provide.

That Nitrogen Soil Amendment—more than a hundred million tons applied worldwide every year—fuels bountiful harvests. Without it, human civilization in its current form could not exist. Our planet’s soil simply could not grow enough food to provide all seven billion of us our accustomed diet.

Our Nitrogen fixing algae-based organic soil amendment adds no chemicals to the land, except nutrients. The algae also helps to remediate soil bound up by accumulated Nitrates thus increasing crop yields, and saving water. Applied through “flooding irrigation” or “pivot spraying” Our IOSI algae-based soil amendment is locally available in small or large quantities.

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