About Us

Who is IOSI?

IOSI Logo 4Innovative Organic Solutions International, or IOSI, was founded by long-time New Mexico resident Calvin Hildebrand, CEO with 40+ years experience in alternative energy and bio-systems.

IOSI President Jon Dougal adds his extensive business experience in the alternative energy and green building industries, to make a truly remarkable and successful team effort!

Who are our Partners?

Los Alamos National Labs, Santa Fe Community College, New Solutions Energy of Santa Fe, Albuquerque Pipe & Pump Supply, University of Texas El Paso, and more. Scroll down to see a complete list!

Who are the Team Members?

Calvin Hildebrand and Solar PanelsCalvin Hildebrand – founder and CEO, COO

Calvin has been a long-time resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico. His background of 40+  years of extensive involvement in alternative energy and bio-systems.  A true visionary of the current world energy & food crisis.

He has designed and installed major liquid gas systems in transportation fleets, composed training programs for the operation and maintenance of systems and Training for Codes and Safety procedures.  Having on-site work in fabrication and connecting alternative fuel engine conversion and on-board fuel systems (Diesel and Gasoline) to Dual fuel/natural gas [CNG/LNG] operation.

This experience includes precision fabrication of component (0.05 tolerances) systems including compression fittings, tools for Argon purge welding of Stainless Steel tubing, and the use, design and fabrication of specialized tools for precision manufacturing of multiple/duplicate, close tolerance components.

Mr. Hildebrand has served as an investment banker, real estate agent, whom many of our customers know as very ethical and sustainably oriented, carrying a high reputation for 40+ years in the New Mexico community.


Jon Dougal - Innovative Organic Solutions InternationalJon Dougal – President

Jon is the Founder, Editor, and Publisher of several newsletters focused on sustainability including: www.GreenSage.com; Building Industry Professionals for Environmental Responsibility, Green InSight from www.GreenMotion.org; these publications reached 300,000 subscribers in 21 countries. Dedicated to “Green Building, natural building products, and Sustainable Living” these eNewsLetters covered all emerging topics, technologies, processes, and techniques needed by both professionals, government officials, agriculturalists, biofuel producers, and home owners in addressing sustainability & climate change.


  • “California Anti-Global Warming Act”
  •  founder of the USGBC Central Valley Chapter, and many other advisory positions.
  • Co-author of the San Francisco Master Plan for future generations;
  • “Green Building Products Showcase” which was co-sponsored by the AIA-Committee on the Environment, Pacific Gas & Electric, Urban Ecology Institute, and the Architects, Designers, & Planners for Social Responsibility, West Coast Green Conference.
  • Conference Host and founder of the benchmark “Altering Profiles of the Future”
  • He  taught  “green construction technology” at the community colleges of San Bernardino and Riverside counties and University of California – Riverside.
  • Built the 1st Platinum LEED residence in the U.S.


Our Partners are:

1. University of Texas El Paso’s “Consortium of Algal Bio-fuels Project” chaired by Dr. Russell Chianelli- a world famous algologist
2. New Solutions Energy of Santa Fe
3. 4 Peaks Energy – who hold a patent #5,538,628 to sonically remove oil      from algal cells
4. Savannah State University
5. Los Alamos National Labs – New Mexico
6. Servi-tech labs for testing and certification
7. Santa Fe Community College
8. Albuquerque Pipe and Pump Supply
9. Wells Fargo Capital Leasing – Santa Fe
10. “Power Panel” Solar Photovoltaic  / Solar Thermal Panels  / Control / Monitoring Technology   For complete Off Grid operation of Algae cultivation systems