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Carbouys are available for pick-up by appointment at our production site in Santa Fe: 505-470-3585, or


Algae Fertilizer Carbouy 5 gallon - Innovative Organic Solutions International5 gals – $30.00/gal plus carbouy cost of $30.00 or bring your own sterilized container

Disclaimer: any chemicals kill algae! Containers must be free of all chemicals, chlorine or hydrogen peroxide as sterilizers will kill the algae. Do not use chlorinated water with an algae soil amendment.

Carbouy Large Pickup Truck Size - Innovative Organic Solutions International200 gals – $30.00/gal you transport in your truck

Algae Distributors wanted!

Algae tanks - Innovative Organic Solutions International

Our primary function is algal farms to produce soil amendments.  However, we can design/build algal based bio-diesel and food Photo-biotic Reactors anywhere.  We presently have 3200 gals. off 4% algae on site (picture attached) in Santa Fe New Mexico.  Our focus is to build bio reactors for customers (farmers, and wholesalers) as a leased mobile compact unit operable off grid.  Literally deliverable worldwide.

Our temperature, sensing/control & telemetry  equipment are supplied with energy from the sun 24 hours/7 days.

CONSULTING HOURS AND RATES 9-5 @ $75.00/hour, including transportation time, except as part of a lease agreement.

Custom built PBR’s for soil amendment production, bio-diesel or food production sized to the clients needs.

IOSI can build custom designed bio-diesel, animal feed, algae or food PBR’s on mobile platforms. An example of our soil amendment PBR with a volume 2700 gal, to cover a 120 acres pivot,  would have a lease price of $174,000.00 with a monthly payment of only $2900, for 5 years.  This PBR would last indefinably and could be controlled remotely, from your house, barn or foreign hotel