Power Panel – Provides Energy & Thermal control


Provides hot water and electric power simultaneously.  This technology is what enables IOSI to deliver algae even during cold weather.  Power Panel delivers constant temperature control to the algae medium even in the dead of winter.

Self-cooling technology

Like humans, solar PV modules don’t produce as much energy when they get hot. Solar modules built with Power Panel PVT Technology deliver one of the lowest certified operating cell temperatures in the industry. A lower operating temperature means better efficiency, more electricity and more solar hot water!

Made Fresh Daily

Power Panels panels are “Made Fresh”. As our capacity to manufacturer significantly increases, our expectation will be to produce your panel and then dispatch for installation within weeks not months.

Power Panel Approved Business Partner Network

Power Panel selects each approved Power Panel Business Partner on the basis of their solar knowledge, ethics and their ability to take the time to educate each client on the process of going PVT solar (product differences, systems design, system output, rebates, guarantees, pricing).

Our Business partners will personally answer questions, conduct a credible site visit and properly assess your roof or property, provide in writing the performance of your system given roof angle to the sun, inclination and size. Above all, each Business Partner will allow you the time to reflect on the advice you have been given, without the hard sell techniques that are too apparent in the industry.

Power Panel is also a big fan of local solar sales, install business and when possible BOS with the vast majority of our Power Panel approved Business Partners being just that.